Enhancing the healing power of plants


Floratek is a privately owned and funded Swiss-based pharmaceutical company. It specializes in the discovery and early clinical development of novel therapeutic drugs for the effective and safe treatment of a number of diseases in the areas of CNS and cancer.

Floratek’s pipeline of novel small molecule drugs are harnessing plant’s kingdom powerful and rich source of polyphenols, which were further modified to modulate important biological functions such as complex cellular signaling involved in neuroprotection, selective cytotoxic effects, immunomodulation and antiaging.

We focused our efforts in exploiting the metabolic differences between normal and transformed cells, mainly by targeting their mitochondria. Our ambitious goal is to develop clinically useful drugs having a plant-derived skeleton. After careful design more than 400 new chemical entities were synthesized and fully characterized. More than a dozen compounds having low nanomolar in vitro activity are now extensively tested in vivo with very promising preliminary results.